Neogen Chemicals Limited has a manufacturing facility of 40,000 sq. feet along with a Research and Development Lab at TTC Industrial Area in Navi Mumbai. The administration is managed from its office in the heart of Thane city, a suburb of Mumbai.

The manufacturing facility contains following equipments:
1. Glass Lined Reactors - 12 Nos. ( 45000 lit total, min 250 lit to max 6000 lit)
2. SS 316L and HDPE Reactors - 10 Nos. (35000 lit total)
3. SS 316L Agitated Nutsche Filter and Drier (ANFD)
4. HDPE Nutsche Filter 3000 lit 2 Nos.
5. Glass Assemblies consisting of columns, reflux divider and condensers for vacuum distillation
6. Glass Absorber Assemblies - 2 Nos.
7. 500lit Solid Drying Pan with Electric Oven

The Glass Lined Reactor Area is fitted with Flame Proof fittings and hence can be used for producing speciality products having low flash point. The manufacturing equipments are supported with various utility equipments like:
1. IBR Boilers with 17.5 kg/cm2 pressure, 1000 kg/hr - 2 Nos.
2. Revomax Boilers with 15 kg/cm2 pressure - 2 Nos.
3. Chiller - 50 TR Capacity - 2 Nos with provision to cool upto -10 C
4. Two cooling Towers - 700 TR combined capacity
5. 250 KVA DG set to ensure continuous power
6. 12 kg pressure Air Compressors Two Nos. with air dryer
7. Four Stage Steam Ejectors - 6 Nos
8. Three Oil Ring Vacuum Pumps

Pollution Equipment: The processes are designed to generate very little effluents and to take care of gaseous fumes we are equipped with three HDPE and Glass scrubber. Primary treatment of liquid effluent is given at site and than sent via pipeline to Common Effluent Treatment plant for further treatment. We have a very minimal solid waste generation and we are members of Solid Waste Management Body which can take care of any solid waste generated.

Thus Neogen is fully equipped for handling any unit operation needs which gives us flexibility to shift products and implement new products with speed, taking complete care of the environment.