One of the secrets of our global competitiveness and service is our efficiency in handling Logistics. The most important part of our logistics is sales planning prepared by taking feed back from our customers. Based on this and using our past data and trends we arrive at a manufacturing plan which allows us to predict raw material requirements very accurately. This allows us to source our raw materials globally and also maintain optimum inventory level. The global sourcing of raw materials and control on raw material inventory is one of the key factors of the globally competitive pricing of Neogen product.

In today's world we understand our customers' need for controlling inventories at the same time avoiding stock out situation of raw materials at any cost. Based on our past experience and our scale of operations inventories of most of our finished products are maintained to take care of any sudden and unplanned need of our customers. Thus we are well-equipped to discharge our functions round the year without any hiccups under any adverse conditions.

Safe, convenient and tamper proof packaging ensures easy handling and reliability of our supplies. Excellent documentation and personal attention to all national and international orders ensures smooth and flawless logistical services. Our experience at handling international orders in last five years have helped us to complete all the government formalities speedily ensuring faster deliveries to our customers.

Thus at Neogen Chemicals Limited along with global quality and price, you can always expect global standards of service from us.