We believe there is only one Quality - the one which is better than what the customer wants."
- Neogen's Quality Policy.

Quality of our product is the biggest and most important driving force in Neogen. It affects our process decision, systems and production operations. Hence quality is the most important issue which is discussed and monitored in Neogen at all levels. This has resulted in our product quality being certified by leading Japanese and European companies. Our quality and manufacturing systems are also audited by various Pharmaceutical companies in Europe.

Due to our consistency in supplying uniform quality goods desired by our customers, all our major customers have our self certification acceptance for the supplies made to them. This is a great responsibility and we at Neogen understand the importance of same. In order to ensure that our supplies match the required quality various steps and systems, like validation of testing equipments using standard reference, in process testing, shelf life testing of batches etc. are being followed.

These tests are carried out in our laboratory using modern computer aided equipment like Gas Chromatography (on capillary columns), Atomic Absorption, Spectroscope and various standard lab equipment. Our personnel in the quality function are trained under strict meticulous approach of no compromise on quality.

We have also made our systems as per ISO 9002 specifications.