research & development

R & D is one of the most important strength of Neogen and the biggest contributor to its success. At Neogen the focus of R&D is to develop new products continuously by innovative process. R & D is also focused on improving the quality of existing product, reducing process time and improving the yield. The attitude of using an Innovative process is one of the key reason for the global competitiveness and quality of our products.

At Neogen, the development of new process is done by close co-ordination between the chemist, chemical engineer, marketing manager and Quality Assurance department. This allows us to develop and scale up new products faster which meet the impurity profile requirements of the customer. This close co- ordination has helped us in substantially reducing the time taken for bench-scale to manufacturing levels in few months as the process is also designed keeping in mind the equipment available in the plant so that we can start manufacturing the new product at short notice.

We have a well equipped R&D facility which includes around four to five pilot plant Glass Assemblies allowing us to work on development of more than one product. We also have tie up with various specialty laboratories where we can do special testing like GC Mass, HPLC, IR scanning to help us in faster product development. Our R&D key personnel have an experience of more than 25 years in the field of Bromine, Lithium and Cycloalkane chemistry.

If you are looking for a Bromine or Lithium Compound which is not in our product list, kindly send us a mail or fill up the form in Reach Us section and we will get back to you at the earliest. Kindly also mention if there are any specifications or limit on the impurities profile of the final product.