• Mr. H. T. Kanani

    Managing Director
    B.TECH (CHEM) M.I.I.Ch.E.

  • Dr. Harin Kanani

    Jt. Managing Director

  • Mr. Anurag Surana


Mr. H T Kanani

Managing Director

His expertise and experience in
production of quality Bromine and
Bromine products has earned him the
title as the “Bromine Man of India”.

  • Mr Haridas Kanani is the Chairman & Managing Director
    and the founder of our company.
  • He holds a B-Tech degree in Chemical Engineering from
    the Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay in 1968 and
    a member of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers
    (MIICHE) since December, 1981.
  • He worked as an engineering consultant.
  • He Set-up Neogen Chemical Pvt Ltd in 1989. Neogen Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
    expanded manufacturing of Bromine Compounds and has served as a Chairman & Managing Director since its inception.
  • He has work experience in product development, process
    technology and research and development and has served as the chairman & MD since inception.

Dr. Harin Kanani

Jt. Managing Director

A graduate chemical engineer and PhD
from USA with excellent industrial
experience, Harin leads the Neogen
business growth and is the key contact
person for customers.

  • Dr. Harin Haridas Kanani is the Joint Managing Director
    at our company and leads major business functions of
    the company such as research and development, growth
    strategy, business development, marketing, purchase,
    quality control and finance.
  • He holds a B. Tech in Chemical Engineering from Indian
    Institute of Technology – Bombay (1999) and M.S. in
    Chemical Engineering (2004) and a Ph.D. in Chemical
    Engineering (2007) from University of Maryland,
    College Park, USA.
  • He has spent many years working for renowned
    companies such as Asian Paints (I) Ltd. India and as
    a Research Scientist at Pioneer Hi-Breed International,
    Du Pont Inc. at Johnston, Iowa, USA.
  • During his Ph.D. at the University of Maryland he served as
    a Research Fellow for the University where he published 4
    first author manuscripts & has made many presentations in
    domestic & international forums.
  • In addition to his academic achievements he further
    established one of the first US academic lab for
    metabolomics program in 2003.
  • He joined our company in the year 2008 after returning to
    India and has joined us as a General Manager, Development
    and subsequently as a Director & Jt. Managing Director.

Mr. Anurag Surana


Experience of more than 20 years
in Contract Manufacturing business.
A well known personality in the
Agrochemical and specialty chemical
industry in India, Europe and Japan.

  • Non-Executive Director in our company.
  • He was previously an Executive Director
    on the Board of PI Industries Ltd.

Other Board Positions Held

Privi Organics India Ltd
IFFCO MC Crop Science (P) Ltd
Kagashin Global Network (P) Ltd
Nichino India (P) Ltd
Nichino Chemicals India (P) Ltd

Position Held
Managing Director