At Neogen our endeavour is to supply consistent quality
product and surpass customer expectations.

Both our sites are certified under the ISO 9000 Quality
Management System. Our documentation system is also
as per ICH-Q7A guidelines as applied for intermediates.

At Neogen we have an independent QA team which reports
directly to the Top Management and are responsible for the
documentation and data control and also for the release of
batches for sale. The QA team also organises frequent
internal and external audits.

Both our sites have been validated and audited by multiple
customers from the Pharmaceutical industry from India
Europe and Japan. We have also been audited by several
large Agrochemical companies from all over the world.

Our Quality Control laboratories work round the clock and
are adequately equipped with analytical equipment like GC,
HPLC, UV Spectrophotometer KF Moisture Analysers etc.
Analytical equipment are also added as per specific
customer needs.